Team Horst Sports

Team Horst Sports

Team Horst Sports was established in 1997 as a dedicated road cycling team composed of New England based riders. Horst Engineering has been the main sponsor since the founding.


The team has evolved into a diversified endurance based adventure sports team. Some members have changed to other teams, some have retired from active competition, and some members remain from the core group. As members lives have evolved and new personal, family, and career challenges have arisen, their tastes in sport have changed.


The scope of the team has diversified as well. Our members have competed both domestically and internationally, in a variety of disciplines and have achieved excellent results for a group of people who ride and run as a fitness hobby. The team has a reputation for competing actively in New England and these athletes race on the roads and trails nearly every weekend of the year. Team members have competed all over the world.


In addition to Team Horst Sports, Horst Engineering is the title sponsor of the Horst Engineering Masters Cycling Team. This group of accomplished masters cyclists race in road cycling, cyclocross, mountain biking, and multisport events.


In 2011, Horst Engineering became a sponsor of the Hartford Extended Area Triathletes (HEAT). HEAT, a non-profit club, was established in 2005 to serve the large and passionate Connecticut triathlon community. From beginners to age group champions, all are welcome. HEAT has more than 100 members and offers training swims, bike rides, and runs, throughout the year.

Hartford Extended Area Triathletes


Team Horst Sports & Masters Cycling Team Members

  • Patrick Cunningham
  • Matt Domnarski
  • Randall Dutton
  • Ted D’Onofrio
  • Anthony Eisley
  • Keith Enderle
  • Erik Emmanuel
  • Dave Geissert
  • Mark Hixson
  • Deborah Livingston
  • Scott Livingston
  • Shepard Livingston
  • Spike McLaughlin
  • John Meyerle
  • Randall Meyerle
  • Paul Nyberg
  • Jose Rene Martinez Onofre
  • Wayne Prescott
  • Thomas Reid
  • Cole Ricardi
  • Thomas Ricardi
  • Melissa Roti
  • Arthur Roti
  • Lars Roti
  • Sean Rourke
  • Andris Skulte
  • Trent Sullivan
  • Nate Summers
  • Wade Summers
  • Arlen Zane Wenzel
  • Brian Wirtz
  • Michael Wonderly


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