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Cross Spikes

For Cyclocross, Mountain Biking, and Adventure Riding

  • Cross Spikes™ by Horst Engineering-Patented Design—the only cyclocross toe spike system in the marketplace

  • Get extra traction in all conditions (mud, dry, hard packed dirt, ice & snow)

  • Unlike “spade” style cleats, spikes, and lugs, our cylindrical design and precision machined surface finish naturally sheds mud so that it doesn’t cake or clump

  • Designed to withstand the rigors of the most challenging terrain

  • Made from durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel or Titanium. Both options are superior to aluminum, alloy steel, or plastic

  • High strength rolled threads

  • One piece design is simple to install and compatible with most popular off-road cycling shoe brands that accept spikes/cleats.

  • The only modular system available in six sizes, Kits, and Pro Kits so you can dial in your traction based on course conditions:

    • Titanium

      • Short Titanium (11.0mm)

      • Medium Titanium (13.3mm)

      • Long Titanium (17.6mm)

      • Ice & Snow Titanium (17.6mm)

      • Mini Standard Titanium

      • Mini Ice & Snow Titanium

    • Stainless Steel

      • Short (11.0mm)

      • Medium (13.3mm)

      • Long (17.6mm)

      • Ice & Snow (17.6mm)

      • Mini Standard

      • Mini Ice & Snow

  • 100% #madeinconnecticut #madeinnewengland #madeinusa

See our Intellectual Property page for details about our international patents.

We have an amazing team of elite cyclocross racers using Horst Spikes. These athletes test our products under extreme conditions. Follow them on social media and at the races!

Installation Tips:

  • Horst Engineering doesn’t have a recommended torque value for Cross Spikes™ for a variety of reasons. However, we do have some best practices to share.
  • We cannot control the mating material for either the mountain bike/cyclocross shoe soles and threaded inserts. There are a wide variety of shoe designs and manufacturing methods. We have experience with aluminum inserts, steel inserts, and other materials. We have experience with soles made from a variety of materials including rubber, plastic, and carbon fiber.
  • Our Cross Spikes™’ patented design includes aerospace grade stainless steel or Titanium, with rolled threads. This makes our toe spikes much stronger than any threaded shoe insert material. The mating internal threads will be weaker than the Cross Spikes™ threads.
  • For these reasons, we have no recommended torque value. In our experience, for the vast majority of shoes, when you use blue thread locker and hand tighten Cross Spikes™, you will avoid the risk of a toe spike coming loose. It is best practice to periodically check your spikes to ensure that they have not loosened over time.
  • What is too tight? That is a subjective question that gets a subjective answer. In general, if you are displacing sole material with the washer face of the spike, then you should be cautious to avoid overtightening and risk damage to the soles or the threaded insert. When tightening, some softer sole materials will displace when the Cross Spike™ is tightened. It is typically at this point where the toe spike is tight enough.

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View all Products

Distributors and bicycle retailers, contact sales directly for information about bulk orders and wholesale pricing: spikes@horstengineering.com

Horst Engineering has a long history of supplying the bicycle products industry. Company founder, Harry Livingston, apprenticed as a bicycle maker in Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s. He learned many of his skills working in the bicycle trade.

Bicycle Factory

Horst Rolf Liebenstein (second from right standing) circa 1930.

Fast forward to the 1990’s when Horst Engineering became the title sponsor of the Horst Engineering Cycling Team; the support for that group of cyclists morphed into our company’s ongoing support for Team Horst Sports and the Horst Engineering Masters Cycling Team.

Many high end bicycle components are precision machined. Horst Engineering has dabbled with various products over the years.

Our latest product is a collaboration  with Richard Sachs, the renowned bicycle framebuilder. Richard is a longtime friend of Horst Engineering. He is a past sponsor of Team Horst Sports, so this is not the first time we have partnered with one of the foremost craftsman in the cycling industry. Learn more about our work with Richard, and visit his site to purchase the Richard Sachs Seat Lug Survival Kit.