Horst-Benidorm-PRC Cycling Team Launches 2009 Campaign

Horst Engineering and Thread Rolling Inc. have supported competitive amateur cycling since 1997. 2009 marks the third year that Horst Engineering is title sponsor of the Horst Engineering-Benidorm Bikes-Property Research Corp. Masters Cycling Team. Team members have a full slate of events planned including several state and regional championship races.

Team Horst members racing

Team Horst members race

You can follow the team’s exploits through their blog. The team also receives generous support from Benidorm Bikes, Property Research Corp., Charles Coaching & Nutrition Services, Cannondale, SRAM, Rudy Project, Tufo North America, Voler Team Apparel, and Ralph Rookey Photography. Learn more about the team and Horst Engineering’s support of adventure sports.

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