Workforce Development Blitz

We are in the midst of a a big push to inspire the next generation of advanced manufacturing workers. In the past few weeks, members of Team HORST have collaborated with several schools.

  • Lynn Vocational Technical Institute
    • Our MA Operations (HORST Sterling Machine) has three students on a bi-weekly rotation. Their internship consists of one week of practical hands on learning in our factory, and one week of school education. We have many Lynn Tech graduates.
  • E-TEAM Machinist Training Program
    • We are also working closely with the E-TEAM Machinist Training Program in Lynn. We employ several E-TEAM graduates and they are noted for collaborating with North Shore advanced manufacturers.
  • RHAM High School
    • This forward looking school has implemented a Youth Manufacturing Pipeline Match (YMPM) and we are directly involved. We visited the school to meet the students and then hosted them for a tour of our Cedar Street operations in East Hartford.
  • Bolton Center School
    • We participated in the middle school Career Day for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. More than 30 students chose to attend one of three advanced manufacturing career sessions. We talked about different career tracks that can lead to jobs in CNC machining, quality assurance/inspection, engineering, and other aerospace manufacturing support functions.
    • We explained how career tracks can be varied and that there are opportunities straight out of high school, after a technical school certification program, after community college, after college, or after graduate school. At HORST Engineering, we have employees who have come from all of these different tracks. There is no one way, but successful careers can be achieved without attending a four-year college.
  • Manchester Community College
    • We attended the MCC Career Fair along with 20 other aerospace manufacturing peers. The turnout was great and we met a lot of wonderful people. There was a constant flow of job seekers. The majority of the people we spoke with were students of the MCC Manufacturing Program, or recent graduates, however, there were others that were from different schools or interested in career changes.

HORST Engineering has made a major commitment to strengthen our workforce. Check out our Careers page to learn more.

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Fun Friday: Food Rewards!

Last Friday, we gave Team Horst an extra half hour so they could celebrate our first quarter progress.

We had a food truck deliver lunch to our Connecticut Operations and a catered meal at Massachusetts Operations.

We fed more than 140 people and honored the commitment of our team.

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What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?

Friday kicked off in a good way at HORST Engineering’s Cedar Street plant site in East Hartford. Three seniors from Capital Preparatory Magnet School showed up with their GoPro and iPhones to shoot some video. They are participants in the 2019 “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” Video Competition.

Team HORST welcomed the students by putting on a big time show of manufacturing pride. In just a few hours, the students and their teacher covered a lot of ground. They did a bunch of interviews with employees from all over our business. They learned about various functions and processes including customer service, engineering, material handling, quality engineering, inspection, purchasing, milling, deburring, turning, kitting, CNC programming, part marking, packaging, assembly, thread rolling, metallography, and grinding.

They got a wide-ranging tour from Scott Livingston, HORST Engineering’s president. Livingston said, “These students are so smart–we were thrilled to host them and be part of this effort to raise awareness about advanced manufacturing and the need to develop a new generation of skilled craftspeople.”

All three of our guest students are headed to top tier universities this fall, and you never know if down the road they will work in a manufacturing enterprise, or one that supports industry. Efforts like this go a long way towards erasing the stigma of manufacturing as a dead end career. It’s quite the opposite. Advanced manufacturing is a bright spot in Connecticut and the broader New England economy. The entire country is seeing a manufacturing resurgence as technical skilled jobs like CNC machining are in strong demand. The students met employees who have progressed within our organization, learned new skills, and grown in their roles.

The university route is often required for certain industries and careers, but HORST Engineering and other manufacturers offer a broad range of career opportunities and many do NOT require a college education. Between technical high schools, community colleges, and on the job workforce skills training, we are building the next generation workforce. We welcome people with a mechanical mindset, creativity, and a positive attitude.

The competition is part of a broader effort to raise manufacturing awareness within the State of Connecticut. The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) is a longtime partner. CCAT licenses and leads Connecticut Dream It. Do It. as part of The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and The Manufacturing Institute’s nationwide campaign to create a positive image of today’s manufacturing. HORST Engineering is a longtime NAM member.

They will be very busy with the editing and production. Team HORST looks forward to seeing their video.

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Random Acts of Kindness Week

Last week was Random Acts of Kindness Week at our family of companies. At all three plant sites, employees were thrilled to find free coffee on one day, and then fresh fruit on another.

Our employee driven committee has done a great job enhancing the work environment and instituting some little practices that make a big difference. Go Team HORST!

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Kicking off 2019 With a Recruiting Push

We are kicking off 2019 with a recruiting push. This is our 73rd year in business and there is no better time to pursue an aerospace manufacturing career. We have roles to fill in Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Sales & Customer Service, Facilities, and Operations Management.

Check out the opportunities at our Connecticut and Massachusetts operations.

We manufacture parts for some of the strongest and most innovative OEM customers in the industry. Join a modern company that makes the critical hardware that helps keep planes, helicopters, and rockets in the air. We help people fly safely!

Current First Shift Opportunities

Current Second Shift Opportunities

If you know someone who is interested and would like to refer them, share this information.

Click here to see our Careers page and information about compensation, benefits, PTO, and 401(k) benefits.

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