Hiring Push-Late Summer 2018

As summer wanes, we are making a hiring push to fill open positions across the Horst Engineering Family of Companies.

We are recruiting for Manufacturing, Engineering, and Shipping personnel at both our Massachusetts (Lynn) and Connecticut (East Hartford and South Windsor) plant sites.

All of our manufacturing operations are air conditioned, so get out of the heat and join our team!

Current First Shift Opportunities

Current Second Shift Opportunities

If you know someone who is interested and would like to refer them, share this information.

Click here to see our Careers page and information about compensation, benefits, PTO, and recently enhanced 401(k) benefit.

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2018-2019 Cross Spikes™ & Cyclocross Season Launch


As September approaches, we are gearing up for cyclocross season. Training camps are happening. Bikes are being cleaned and tuned. The mud from last season is being washed off shoes and kits. Cow bells are being dusted off. Race schedules are being solidified. The championship races in Bogense, Louisville, and elsewhere, are months away, but major series, including the UCI Cyclo-Cross World CupSuperprestigeDVV Trofee, and Soudal Classics, will kick off soon. The Tour de France is in the rearview mirror and the cycling world has shifted its focus to cross.

We have Cross Spikes™ news to share:

2018-2019 Product Line & Price Increase

There are no major changes to our Cross Spikes™ product line. Our six patented designs, Kits, and Pro Kits, remain the standard when it comes to traction. Simply put, our system works. It saves watts-and keeps you connected to the ground when running with your bike. Just like you need to choose great tires and dial in that pressure, you need traction for your shoes if you plan to stay in contact with the earth when racing cross.

Given the inflationary economic environment (it hurts), complicated by global trade, tariffs (they hurt worse), and other rising costs, we have increased prices. We are confident that our toe spikes are a great value. Cross Spikes™ are highly engineered and precision machined from aerospace-grade stainless steel and titanium. They are manufactured from solid bar stock, have our patented integrated washer face, and rolled threads for 30% more strength. You likely made a significant investment in your cycling shoes. Cross Spikes™ were designed to mate perfectly with them.

To keep prices as low as possible, we mostly sell direct. Check out the full lineup in our Shop. However, we have a select number of specialty dealers around the world:

Click here to access the Cross Spikes™ shop.

Cyclocross Camps

In our home region of New England, the first training races are approaching. Cross Spikes™ ambassador, Adam Myerson, and the team at Cycle-Smart, just held a Cyclocross Camp in Massachusetts. Later this month, in Connecticut, the CCAP will host their annual camp for youth and adults. For the third year running, we will sponsor the CCAP Camp. As in prior years, we have donated a batch of Cross Spikes™ for the campers.

Cross Spikes™ Ambassadors

Our toe spikes are used by many of the best riders in the world, including USA National Champions Katie Compton and Stephen Hyde. Check out our full list of ambassadors.

CCAP Team Horst Junior Squad

In addition to the CCAP Cyclocross Camp, we will once again sponsor the CCAP Team Horst Junior Squad. This year, we will have upwards of 10 boys and girls, ages 8-14, racing cross while learning the fundamentals of our sport. They are the future of cycling. Connecticut has one of the best youth programs anywhere. Check out the CCAP to learn more, if you want to get your children involved with cycling, register for one of their youth teams, or if you just want to support the good work that they do.

For more news, stay tuned to this website, our social media feeds (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), or sign up for our newsletter.


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2018 Summer Interns

Yesterday, our 2018 Summer Intern Class gave their report outs and shared what they learned. Each one shared highlights from their experience, indicated what they accomplished, and talked about what they learned. In preparation, they took a public speaking webinar. They represented four different functions: Turning, Deburring, Accounting/Finance, and Engineering.

We have a long history of employing interns. It’s a two-way street. We get some extra help and they get to learn. One sign that the program is a success is that we have many employees, including some who have been here more than 10 years, who got their start as interns. With all of the focus on developing the next generation of manufacturing skills, we are excited to share our accomplishments.

They are attending Asnuntuck Community College, the University of Connecticut, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Our current class will “graduate” from Horst and return to their respective schools in the coming weeks.

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Goodwin College Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Training Lab Visits Sterling Machine

Last week, the Goodwin College Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Training Lab visited our Sterling Machine operation in Lynn, Massachusetts. Our manufacturing team and inspection team took a metrology course that strengthened their inspection methods and techniques. This was the first trip to Lynn for the Goodwin Lab, and it won’t be the last.

Over the next two weeks, we have additional training planned at our Connecticut plant sites. First, several users will go through Microsoft Excel training. Then our supervisors and leads will go take a course in mentoring. Finally, the Goodwin Lab returns to teach our manufacturing team and inspection team courses in metrology and blueprint reading.

We are committed to developing the workforce we need today, but also for the future. Training is a win/win for the company and its employees.

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Silver Lane Elementary School Visit

On Friday 18 May, we hosted 21 students and three teachers from the Silver Lane Elementary School in East Hartford, Connecticut. The 5th grade class toured Horst Engineering’s Cedar Street operations with the goal of exposing the children to manufacturing.

The tour was a smashing success. The students were curious, excited, and well behaved. They asked many great questions and soaked in the atmosphere. It was a feast to the senses for many of them, with the sights, sounds, and smells of as they toured a precision machining environment for the first time. Our Core Purpose of “helping people fly safely” resonated with them as we highlighted the importance of safety in everything that we do.

Team Horst rose to the occasion as we demonstrated how we do what we do for aerospace and other high technology industries. The tour was reminiscent of our 2017 Family Day Event. Once again, Alan Grant, of Digital Creations, helped us capture the spirit of the event and our passion for manufacturing. The tour was led by Horst Engineering’s President and CEO, Scott Livingston, General Manager, Arthur Roti; and Human Resources Generalist, Rebecca Kusek-Savage.

Livingston explained the company’s Core Purpose, Core Values, and responsible manufacturing practices. He described our sustainable practices including the recycling of metal and plastics; and he showed them our two solar PV electric power systems. They had a guessing game to see who knew how much the company’s monthly electric bill cost. He stated that one day, one or more of these students would become an engineer, machinist, or inspector; and work in the aerospace industry. He implored the students to apply themselves, study hard and persevere, just like Team Horst.

Planting these seeds are critical to building the next generation advanced manufacturing workforce. Roti demonstrated the use of a caliper and explained the nuances of our processes including how we transform our raw material into finished parts for critical applications. He explained that we ship them to customers all over the world. Horst Engineering funded the cost of the bus ride and presented each guest with a Team Horst water bottle.

When you combine the passion of manufacturing with the joy of learning, there is nothing better. The 5th graders smiled a lot, and so did our people. It was a fantastic Friday.

Photo Credits: Alan Grant, Digital Creations

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