Thread Rolling Inc. 20th Anniversary

Thread Rolling Inc. has a rich history. The business was founded in 1995, but its roots go back much farther. Horst Engineering’s experience with roll forming threads on screw machines dates back to the 1950’s. Throughout the 1960’s, we outsourced much of our specialized roll threading requirements to the Egan Machine Company in Bristol, Connecticut.

You may wonder what roll threading is and may want to revisit this 2006 How It Works story that we published in Today’s Machining World magazine.


In 1972, we acquired our first thread roller, a Hartford A-190 flat die reciprocating machine. We developed the process in-house and added equipment and capabilities over the next 23 years. The Horst Engineering roll threading “department” performed the process on our own parts, but also developed service business that came from all over North America.

In 1995, we acquired the thread rolling and centerless grinding assets of Egan Machine, and created Thread Rolling Inc. The operation was originally located in our 36 Cedar Street plant, but moved across the street to 41 Cedar Street following our 2008 renovation of that standalone plant.

We look forward to the next 20 years as we continue to expand our capabilities including larger diameter thread rolling.

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