Partmaker Part of the Month

It is hard to tell, but this this month’s trophy part has three different center lines. That means that it is double eccentric. It was made complete from solid aluminum bar in one operation on a multi-axis lathe. That means that the turning, milling, drilling, were all completed on the same machine. The part has several close tolerance (e.g. +/- .0002 inch) dimensions and is for a European aerospace customer.

Aluminum Mill-Turn Part

It was a nice job done using Delcam’s Partmaker CAD/CAM software. Delcam named it Partmaker’s first ever “Part of the Month.” Click here to see Delcam’s post. and a link to a video of how we use Partmaker. This part exemplifies the teamwork between engineers, CNC programmers, and set-up personnel. The “one and done” approach saved time, eliminated the need for fixtures, minimized secondary operations, and controlled the qualty.

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