ISO9001:2008 Registration Achieved

On November 19th, Horst Engineering successfully culminated the transition process from ISO9001:2000 to the revised standard: ISO9001:2008. The final audit was at Horst Engineering’s East Hartford operation. This final audit was scored 100% with no findings, by the third party registrar, NQA, USA. To quote the auditor, “Excellent audit. Your company has demonstrated strong continuous improvement and it is evident that you care about customer satisfaction.” The auditor also noted that he was pleased with the involvement of the General Management Team.

This was the second time in 10 years that Horst Engineering has scored 100% on a registration audit. Earlier this month, Horst Engineering de Mexico scored highly on their registration audit. Heading into 2010, Horst Engineering, Horst Engineering de Mexico, and Thread Rolling Inc. are all registered to the most current version of the standard.

In 2010, all three companies will move to the new revision of the AS9100 standard when those revisions are finalized. The companies are also working towards the ISO13485 standard, which is common in the medical device industry.

A new ISO9001:2008 certificate will be available by February. If you need further information, please contact us. Our current ISO and AS certificates are valid until then and are available here.

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