“Horst Racks” Bicycle & Triathlon Transition Area Project

When Jonathan Ingalls, a local Connecticut based triathlon Race Director approached Horst Engineering with a challenge, Team Horst helped with a solution.

Ingalls directs the Cedar Lake Triathlon Series, Lake Terramuggus Triathlon Series, and other multisport events. He was short on transition area bicycle racks and needed to produce more in time for the first race in May.


He had a solid, simple, design, and a prototype; but needed a cost effective approach, better process and the equipment to make 25 of them with consistent quality. Horst Engineering has supported the local triathlon community for years. As a sponsor of Team Horst Sports and the Hartford Extended Area Triathletes, this project was a good fit.


To avoid conflicts with our primary aerospace customer business, a small team of volunteers worked extra evening and Saturday shifts to complete the project. Ingalls sourced the materials based on our recommendations from one of our suppliers, and Steven Livingston, our Master Machinist/Manufacturing Engineer, led the development of the process.


Ingalls assisted with the final production, and was thrilled with the outcome, completing the racks in time for the season.


It didn’t take long for others to express interest in “Horst Racks.” They would work well as pit racks at cyclocross events. They would fit nicely with our other bicycling product, Horst Spikes, so it remains to be seen if there will be a another production run.


If you want to see the racks in action, compete in or volunteer at one of Connecticut’s local summer triathlon series races and test them yourself!

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