Horst History-602 Garden Street

Last month, Horst Engineering President, Scott Livingston, received an e-mail from a man in Charlotte, North Carolina. He attached a photo of what he believed was Horst Engineering’s first location at 602 Garden Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

He wrote, While surfing around the web looking for some information on Connecticut’s history I found a site which referenced the book “Remembering the Old Neighborhood”. Searching the book title led me to your blog and eventually to your company web site and your company history. When  I saw the address of your first location as a barn at 602 Garden St. I knew exactly where it was. I lived at 590 Garden St. from 1943 to 1953.

I have attached a photo from my family collection showing a two story barn type structure at the rear of 602 Garden St.. I believe this is the first location of your company.

The photo is actually a Photoshop composite of two different pics taken at different times.  The left side shows me, my dad, my sister and the front of the barn in 1946. The right side shows me again, my dad’s ’36 Packard and the side of the barn in 1949. Who ever took the pictures, probably my mother, was standing in the same spot, at the same time of day three years apart!

After a little internal discussion amongst members of the Livingston Family, we do believe that the photo shows the barn where Horst Engineering first operated. Just above the man’s head is a hoist that was used to get machines into the second floor. Harry Livingston operated the business at this location from 1946 until 1951 when our first East Hartford plant, at 36 Cedar Street, was completed.

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