Horst Engineering’s Solar Electric Power System Goes Live

Horst Engineering has entered the world of clean energy production through the commissioning of a 39kW Solar Photovoltaic Electric Power System. Located on the roof of our 41 Cedar Street plant in East Hartford, Connecticut; the system will generate approximately 43,000 kW hours of electricity on an annual basis. This should offset 35%-45% of our annual consumption at that plant site. 128 solar panels collect sunshine and produce the clean energy.

The solar installation was part of a larger renovation of the 41 Cedar plant. The 49 year old, 7,000 sq/ft building was substantially modernized to accommodate high technology manufacturing processes. The building boasts the latest in efficient lighting, compressed air, and HVAC technologies. Grants to offset green building technologies were obtained through Northeast Utilities. The solar power system was also made possible by a grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

Horst Engineering Solar Panels

Horst Engineering and Thread Rolling Inc.’s support for the environment extends beyond our physical plants. Thread Rolling Inc. is a member of 1% For The Planet, and both companies support many environmental not-for-profit organizations. Notable organizations that receive our support include: Appalachian Mountain Club, Connecticut Forest & Park Association, Green Mountain Club, Sonoran Institute, and Riverfront Recapture.

Horst Engineering is proud of its commitment to the environment, symbolized by our leading edge investment in clean solar energy production.

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