Horst Engineering Announces Major Expansion

This week, we announced the acquisition of a property to be the future home of our consolidated Connecticut operations. With the acquisition of 141 Prestige Park Road in East Hartford, we will consolidate our three Connecticut plant sites into one headquarters.

“We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of 141 Prestige Park, a new location that will allow us to continue our family tradition of manufacturing in Connecticut,” said Scott Livingston, President and Chief Executive Officer of HORST Engineering.

We plan to reinvigorate the Prestige Park structure, located on just over seven acres. The 100,566 square-foot masonry building, constructed in 1971, “has good characteristics but will need upgrades and repairs to many of its important systems, such as its roof, electrical, lighting, and HVAC,” Livingston said, estimating that the project could take more than a year until completion and will cost substantially more than the purchase price.

“We’ll move in phases. With the additional space, we will gain flexibility to develop new processes and expand organically, while considering future acquisitions.” “Every week, we are invited to move out of state by locations hoping to lure high-value, advanced manufacturing aerospace jobs to their region,” Livingston said. “We are choosing to stay here because our core skilled labor base is here, and the heart of our supply chain ecosystem is located in New England.

The extent of our expansion will depend on the strength of our customers, the economy, and the business climate. “Our new location, which will house our entire Connecticut team when completed, will be a world-class manufacturing facility that will appeal to a skilled workforce, including the workers that will drive the next generation of success” Livingston said.

Our Connecticut operations employ 110 people and we have more than 10 job openings, with more employment opportunities expected as repairs to the property near completion. Sterling Machine, our Lynn, MA based operations are also growing and hiring.

“We are excited to be investing in our people and our community,” Livingston added.

Click here for the full press release.

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