Family Business Magazine: A Dramatic Transition

Horst Engineering and the Livingston Family are featured in the March/April 2012 issue of Family Business Magazine. In 2001, our business owning family had a successful third generation transition. Many family businesses are plagued with succession challenges, but Horst Engineering is often cited as a model because we have successfully transitioned while retaining family harmony and perpetuating business success. Dave Donelson’s article titled, “A Dramatic Transition,” recounts the process that the Livingston Family used. He explains that like any transition, it wasn’t without challenges, but in the end, family bonds were tighter and the business remained on solid footing.

Click here to read the story.

Sharing family business best practices has become second nature for the Livingston Family. Both generations of ownership are sought out for inspiration and knowledge. Supporting family business success is a satisfying objective and through participation in various organizations, and networks, Horst Engineering and the Livingston Family pay forward what they have learned. Click here to read more about Horst Engineering’s family business heritage.

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