East Hartford Fire Displaces Neighboring Businesses

Horst Engineering’s East Hartford plants were evacuated on Monday December 7th when a massive fire destroyed two adjacent buildings in our neighborhood. No one was hurt in the blaze, one of the largest in East Hartford history. Horst Engineering extends our best wishes to the businesses that were impacted by this terrible disaster. We apologize to our customers and suppliers who could not reach us by phone or e-mail. Utility services were initially impacted, but as of Wednesday morning, all communications were restored. Other than the impact from smoke, soot, and debris, Horst Engineering’s two plants avoided any damage. When power returned, we were up and running at full capacity.

Horst Engineering extends its deepest gratitude to the emergency personnel who were on the scene. The firefighters deserve special thanks for their efforts to minimize the property damage and to keep everyone safe.

View photos taken by Horst Engineering.

The Hartford Courant covered the event.

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