Cyclocross Season is Here-Get Your Horst Spikes Now!

Cyclocross season is in full swing. New England is a hotbed for ‘cross racing and with the recent rains, the courses are muddier than ever. Thankfully, Horst Spikes are in stock.

Cyclocross is the fastest growing segment of the bicycle market. Races in all age groups are selling out all over the United States and the sport has always been popular in Europe. The U.S. is hosting the 2012 Masters World Championship and the 2013 Elite World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky.

Check out the latest information and learn how you can buy spikes. We now have three sizes (small, medium, long) and a special ice & snow version. Horst Spikes are great for cyclocross and mountain biking.

For more information about cyclocross:

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