Congressman John Larson’s Visit

U.S. Congressman John Larson visited Horst Engineering as part of his weeklong push to discuss the health of the manufacturing sector in Connecticut. Larson is an East Hartford native and resident. Our company has been located in East Hartford since 1950. We moved from Hartford, where we were founded in 1946. This is the first time that we have had the opportunity to show Representative Larson our operations and highlight the high precision components that we machine for customers around the world.

Horst Engineering has made large investments in Connecticut and we are heavily impacted by the high cost of doing business in our home state. At the request of Larson’s staff, we hosted him for a private meeting and tour. We shared the realities of small business and the challenge of competing in this economy.

Many topics were discussed, including labor costs, health care costs, energy costs, offshoring, and developing manufacturing skills. We also discussed the specific challenges that small companies face with rapidly increasing health insurance premiums. Larson was particularly impressed with some of our vintage machines, including our Waterbury Farrel and Hartford thread rollers. Despite their age, they run every day and are part of the rich heritage of our organization. The employess of Horst Engineering have always welcomed the opportunity to show our legislators what we do and why we take pride in our business.

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