CBIA Manufacturing Conference

On December 3rd, Horst Engineering participated in the Connecticut Business & Industry Association Manufacturing Conference. “On the line: The State of Manufacturing in Connecticut (pdf),” was billed as a forum for manufacturers to join forces and voices to strengthen manufacturing. The conference was about rallying manufacturers to speak out on behalf of industry in an effort to highlight the critical importance of manufacturing jobs to the welfare of our state and our country. Several speakers shared their thoughts about the manufacturing economy and the challenges that manufacturers in Connecticut face. Manufacturing is under siege across the country, in Mexico, and elsewhere. Horst Engineering strongly supports manufacturing issues and relies on the CBIA and our other industry associations to represent us. We urge other manufacturers to engage with their industry groups and to voice their concerns to the policy makers in their communities, at the state level, and at the federal level. It is an old cliche that manufacturing is the backbone of an economy, but there is much truth to the statement. Our company’s 63 year history has overlapped many business down cycles, and the benefits of manufacturing have helped return growth to our economy time and time again.

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