CBIA Honors Livingston Family

The Connecticut Business & Industry Association honored the second generation leaders of the Livingston Family for their contributions to family business. CBIA’s Family Business program was started in 2012 to support Connecticut’s thousands of family owned businesses.

Click here for more information about the honor and a list of the other business families recognized at the 12 November 2013 ceremony.

2013_CBIA Family Business_Stanley and Adeline Livingston

Stanley Livingston, the oldest Livingston brother, has worked at Horst Engineering since the early -1960’s. His nearly 50 years of service are marked by so many accomplishments. He is a fantastic salesperson  and is well known in the aerospace manufacturing community. He has generously  mentored many other businesspeople during his long career.

Steven Livingston, the middle Livingston brother, has also worked at Horst Engineering since the early-1960’s. He is our historian and storyteller. His engineering and manufacturing expertise laid the groundwork for many of our technology investments. His diligence set the tone
for a culture of high precision. He gives his time to many community organizations.

Adeline Livingston, Stanley’s spouse, has worked at Horst Engineering since 1982. For more than 20 years, she was the hub of our operations. She had her pulse on all of our accounting, human resources, and administration functions. She established many of our business processes and was a major influence. She also supported the extended family, helping Horst Engineering’s founders, Harry and Sylvia Livingston. She exemplifies the Horst Engineering work ethic.

Horst Engineering, Sterling Machine, Thread Rolling Inc., and the Livingston Family are honored to be mentioned with the other Connecticut-based distinguished family firms.

Click here for more Horst Engineering history.

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