2020 Chili Cook-Off

This week was HORST Engineering’s Annual Chili Cook-Off. The tradition has been going for more than a dozen years. We held a contest at our CT Operations on Monday and at our MA Operations on Tuesday.

It is a proud distinction to be featured on the Chili Making Champion Hall of Fame plaques that are proudly displayed at the respective plant sites.

A big thank you to our contestants and our judges.

Prizes went to first and second place and both names go down in history. In CT, Marc D’Occhio (Quality Assurance) took the top spot and Jean Boucher (Purchasing) was runner-up. In MA, Lourdes Rosario (Quality Assurance) won top honors and Bob Redden (Shipping) was runner-up. Honorable mention in MA went to our third place finisher Chris MacDonald (Quality Assurance) proving that Aerospace Inspectors can cook!

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