2016 Solar Highlights

2016 was a really good year for our solar PV electric power systems. To be more exact, it was our second best year since installing our first (of two) systems in 2009. This is also a sign that last year, the sun shone brightly. Our primary focus is on consumption, or how much power we use for our manufacturing operations, but we are still proud of our production.

Our Connecticut operations’ 41 Cedar Street plant has a roof mounted 39 kW Solar Electric PV Power System (128 panels). We were early adopters of green and clean energy. That system has produced more than 421,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) or 421 megawatt hours (MWh) over its lifetime. This power has significantly reduced our Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Sulfur Dioxide output; and is a direct offset of more than 490 metric tons of Carbon, or the equivalent of maintaining 105 acres of pine forest.



Solar Panels at Horst Engineering

In 2015, we added a second 37 kW system (149 panels) on the roof of our 36 Cedar Street plant. In 2016, our first full year of production, that system produced 46,636 kWh’s of clean power. This newer system has produced 83,311 kWh over its lifetime.

Our 2016 stats:

41 Cedar Street
47,726 kWh produced
41.5% of the power consumed at that plant site (7,000 sf) was generated by solar

36 Cedar Street
46,636 kWh produced (nine months)
8.3% of the power consumed at that plant site (21,000 sf) was generated by solar

The production of clean energy is one aspect of our sustainable manufacturing practices. Click here to see more on this subject and learn about our support for our communities, the environment, and other conservation minded organizations.

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