2016 Chili Cook-off

Yesterday was Horst Engineering’s 9th Annual Chili Cook-off. You may ask, what does this have to do with the precision machining of aerospace components? Well, a lot! To start with, we had great teamwork. We had six contestants, three judges, two organizers, and more than 50 beneficiaries of some great cooking.

2016_Chili Contest-10

2016_Chili Contest-11

The judges came from an equally diverse background. Appreciation goes out to everyone who participated, even if that just meant sampling the various recipes. We even had homemade salsa to go with multiple varieties of chips.

2016_Chili Contest-13

Congratulations to Rob Paul for winning this year’s contests after several attempts. Runner-up was Tom Pilkin. Both of them received custom Horst Engineering mugs from CyclePottery. Rob also scored the coveted Horst Engineering apron. It was a great day at Horst Engineering with a jam-packed 30 minute lunch period, which is pretty good for a Tuesday in early spring.

2016_Chili Contest-16

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