2015 Marymoor Velodrome Association Auction

Horst Engineering supported the 2015 Marymoor Velodrome Association Auction by donating a Combo Pack of Horst Spikes. The velodrome may be in Redmond, Washington and used for track cycling, but the Pacific Northwest has a vibrant cyclocross community too.

2015_Marymoor Velodrome Association Auction

Photo courtesy of Hyun Lee.

We are happy to support MVA’s efforts to keep track cycling accessible for their community. Velodromes used to dot the landscape in the early 1900’s when track cycling was hugely popular in the United States. The “Madison,” one of track cycling’s most visible events and an Olympic sport, was named after the most significant velodrome in the country, Madison Square Garden in New York City. Track cycling is hugely popular in Europe and Horst Engineering is proud of its bicycle industry roots.

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