Family Day 2014

Horst Engineering and Thread Rolling Inc. hosted a fun Family Day event on Saturday 27 September. This was the fourth time since 2002 that we have opened our East Hartford, Connecticut operations to welcome the families of our employees. We held similar events in 2002, 2005, and 2008.

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It is fitting that the event came at a time when manufacturing economy is showing positive signs of improvement from the recession years of 2008-2012. Interest in manufacturing careers is surging and we seized the opportunity to share our passion for “making stuff” with the Horst Engineering community. Made in the USA is definitely making a comeback.

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More than 120 spouses, children, parents, siblings, and significant others toured our two plants. Our employee driven Family Day Committee did a fantastic job planning the open house, which was a key part of our MFG DAY 2014 festivities. 03 October is the official day that kicks off Manufacturing Month, a nationwide movement to highlight the importance of the manufacturing sector.

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For each of our Family Day events, we have unveiled a unique product that demonstrates our capabilities. This year, we had two very special designs. The first was a precision machined airplane and the second was a precision machined top. The attendees learned about engineering, turning, Swiss screw machining, milling, grinding, thread rolling, deburring, cleaning, inspection, and many other processes.

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The walking tour included each major step in the manufacturing process. At each stop, the attendees picked up one of the detail components required to assemble the plane. The last stop was final assembly and inspection where they put all of the parts together. This was a creative and fun way to show everyone, particularly the children, how we do what we do. Everyone was smiling!

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Our employees enthusiastically explained their roles and showed off our high tech manufacturing equipment. At the part marking operation, everyone got to have a custom dog tag/key chain made. The event included refreshments, a “Guess the number of parts in the jar” game, raffles, and prizes. It was a thrilling day for everyone involved.

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Special thanks goes to the Family Day Committee for all the time and effort that went into the planning and execution. Thank you to long time supplier, Poly-Metal Finishing, Inc., for their help with the anodizing process. The committee received strong support from our Management Team, and the event wouldn’t have been possible without the backing of the Livingston Family.

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Family Day 2014 would have made our late founders, Harry and Sylvia Livingston, extremely proud. The tradition and innovation that started more than 68 years ago is the Horst Way. This event was a resounding success and an awesome project for the Horst Engineering community.

Photo Credits: Alan Grant, Digital Creations

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