2011 Horst Engineering Masters Cycling Team Launch

The Horst Engineering Masters Cycling Team is proud to announce their roster and sponsors for the 2011 season. The team is dedicated to racing Masters road and cyclocross events on the Northeastern U.S. calendar with the goals of having fun and achieving good race results. Members of the team are regular people with families, careers, and other responsibilities in their lives, but they share a common love of elite amateur bicycle racing.

Horst Engineering is the team’s title sponsor, and has been since 1997. Benidorm Bikes, Charles Coaching and Nutrition Services, Ralph Rookey Photography, Property Research Corp., Rudy Project, and TUFO continue their support. The team is pleased to welcome two new sponsors: Flatbread Company and J. René Coffee Roasters. All of sponsors deserve the support of the community in appreciation for their support of the healthy pursuit of cycling. 

The team has also launched a new Facebook page  where race results, news, and other information will be shared.

2011 Roster
Gerry Clapper
Patrick Cunningham
Matt Domnarski
Ted D’Onofrio
Scott Livingston
Spike McLaughlin
Paul Nyberg
Wayne Prescott
Thomas Reid
Arthur Roti
Ian Sinclair
Wade Summers
Arlen Zane Wenzel (Team Director)
Brian Wirtz
Michael Wonderly

You can also stay informed through the Team Horst Sports page.

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