Wall Street Journal Mentions Our Reshoring Strategy

A recent Wall Street Journal story, focused on the reshoring of American jobs, mentioned our company. In 2015, we closed our nine-year old Mexican operation and expanded our Connecticut operations.

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From the story:

Horst Engineering & Manufacturing Co., an East Hartford, Conn., maker of precision machine components, shut down a nine-year-old facility in Mexico two years ago and opened a new, 16,000-square-feet one in nearby South Windsor. Now located 4 miles from its two older plants and within 30 minutes of most of the company’s main suppliers, “it definitely reduces the complexity of our business,” said Arthur Roti, general manager of the 71-year-old family-run business. “That supply chain doesn’t exist in Mexico.”

Connecticut and Massachusetts are both challenging environments to maintain our competitiveness, but we are fully committed to manufacturing in New England.

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