Recap: 2018 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championships

The 2018 USA Cyclo-Cross National Championships were a big success.  Held the 9-14 January in Reno, Nevada, it was the second year that Horst Engineering and Team Horst Sports have actively participated as an event sponsor. We displayed our Cross Spikes product line in the Race Expo and sponsored the Mechanics National Championships.

The 2017 event was in our hometown of Hartford, Connecticut, so we know how much effort goes into planning and organizing the race. The Reno event organizers and local host committee did an awesome job.

Members of Team Horst Sports competed in the Masters 40-49 Non-Championship, the Masters 45-49 Championship, the Industry Race, and the Singlespeed Championship.

Our lineup of Cross Spikes™ cyclocross toe spikes are used all over the USA, and it was great to meet customers from Alaska, Oregon, Alabama, Louisiana, Washington, California, Minnesota, Colorado, North Carolina, and elsewhere. We are well known in New England and throughout the Northeast USA, and it was good to increase our outreach in the west. We met and helped many new customers.

Reno’s Rancho San Rafael Park course didn’t feature the deep mud, snow, and ice that Hartford faced in 2017, but it was still a formidable venue with unique features. There was some mud, sand, a steep rocky run-up, and a challenging off-camber hill. These were all sections where foot traction was critical.

There were more than 40 races across a variety of age groups/categories. Many of the top finishers were using Cross Spikes™.

Notably, the top three men and women in the Elite Championships, are Cross Spikes™ ambassadors. The Elite races had an additional course feature, a long and challenging run-up, that was a perfect testing ground for Cross Spikes™. The Elite races had some of the most competitive racing in national championships history.

Highlights of our sponsored riders and other notable riders who used Cross Spikes™ with success include:

  • Katie Compton, 1st Elite Women Championship
  • Stephen Hyde, 1st, Elite Men Championship
  • Ellen Noble, 2nd Elite Women Championship
  • Kaitlin Keough, 3rd, Elite Women Championship
  • Jeremy Powers, 2nd, Elite Men Championship
  • Kerry Werner, 3rd, Elite Men Championship
  • Emma White, 1st Women U23 Championship
  • Adam Myerson, 1st, Men Masters 45-49 Championship
  • Tove Shere, 1st, Women Masters 65-69 Championship
  • Magnus Sheffield, 1st, Men Junior 15-16 Championship
  • Miles Mattern, 2nd, Men Junior 11-12 Championship
  • Lori Leclair Cooke, 2nd, Women Masters 55-59 Championship
  • Lizzy Gunsalus, 4th, Women Junior 15-16 Championship
  • Greg Gunsalus, 5th, Men Junior 17-18
  • Curtis White, 5th, Elite Men Championship
  • Cody Kaiser, 11th, Elite Men Championship
  • Christopher Peck, 5th, Men Masters 45-49 Championship
  • Cassandra Maximenko, 18th, Elite Women Championship
  • Shadd Smith, 6th,  Men 45-49 Championship

Coverage of the event was fantastic. Check out these resources for highlights:

This event brought the USA cyclocross season to a close, however the international season continues with the UCI World Cup, and then the UCI World Championships at Valkenburg-Limburg in The Netherlands.

The three main Belgian series will continue following the World Championships, and then conclude in late February.

USA Cycling has moved the USA Cyclocross National Championships from January to December, so the best cyclocrossers in the country will convene again, 11-16 December in Louisville, Kentucky.

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