2017 Chili Cook-Off

Today was Horst Engineering’s 10th Annual Chili Cook-Off. It’s hard to believe that this tradition is still going strong after a decade. Our 71-year-old business has a chili contest that has been around longer than most businesses! We had six contestants vie for the top prize. It is a proud distinction to be featured on our Chili Making Champion Hall of Fame plaque that is proudly displayed in the cafeteria at our 36 Cedar St. plant site.


Our six judges are also very talented. They had the tough task of choosing a champion. Appreciation goes out to our contestants, our judges, and our volunteer coordinators. In addition to the chili, several people brought in homemade salsa to go with a variety of chips.


Congratulations to Dan Paul for winning this year’s contest on his first attempt. The Paul name is well known in Horst Engineering Chili Cook-Off circles. His brother, Rob, was our 2016 winner. These guys know how to cook!  Runner-up was Jean Boucher, one of our perennial favorites and a six-time champion. This year, we introduced “People’s Choice” award, with judging open to all employee. The people spoke, and the winner was another first-time contestant, Andy Kapuscinski.


Dan scored a custom Horst Engineering mug from CyclePottery and a coveted Horst Engineering apron. Jean and Andy walked away with a set of Horst Engineering stainless steel pint glasses and a new Horst Engineering ball caps.


It was a fun Monday and perfect for the first day of spring.


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Career Fair

Horst Engineering will host a Job/Career Fair at our 36 Cedar Street plant site on Saturday 25 March 2017. Please visit us to see our operations, meet our team, and learn more about career opportunities.

Must have prior hands on experience. First & Second Shift Positions in Manufacturing and Inspection:

For more information, visit out our Careers Page

No Recruiters


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The Responsible Company

On Monday, the Yale University School of Business and Yale Sustainability hosted Patagonia’s 2017 Worn Wear College Tour. It was part of a full-day extravaganza focused on extending the life of products to keep items out of the waste stream.


The Patagonia Worn Wear repair team brought their truck, Delia. It was reported that 1,000 people showed up and the Patagonia team helped attendees make more than 500 “do it yourself” repairs on clothing (not just Patagonia’s). Patagonia has made an effort to repurpose and resell used gear as an alternative to the cost (and impact) of buying new.

The Repair, Reuse, Repurpose Fair was followed by an evening panel discussion featuring Rick Ridgeway Patagonia’s Vice President of Environmental Initiatives, Adam Werbach from Yerdle, a business that helps leading brands develop re-use programs; and Scott Briscoe from the National Outdoor Leadership School.
Patagonia is an inspiration for our business. Aerospace manufacturing and precision machining are different from clothing manufacturing, but as a locally owned family business, we already have a leg up on the competition. Long term thinking is already part of our company culture. Our investments in energy efficiency and our ongoing success contributes to the success of many other organizations, and we strive to do our business the right way, with the least impact possible. We have much work left to do.
Patagonia’s founder is Yvon Chouinard is co-author of The Responsible Company. This book was shared with Horst Engineering’s Green Team. Chouinard is also the co-founder of 1% For The Planet, of which we are also a member. Like Patagonia, our family and our businesses supports many not-for-profit environmental organizations.
Manufacturing creates waste and our goal is to minimize that waste. That is why Chouinard and Vincent Stanley, his Responsible Company co-author, suggest that no business is “sustainable,” but every business can strive to be more “responsible.”
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Goodwin College Delivers Gauge R & R Workshop

Today, we partnered with our East Hartford, Connecticut neighbors at Goodwin College to host a Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R) workshop at our Cedar Street plant site. We are one of the first companies to benefit from Goodwin’s new on-site training programs.


Goodwin delivered the training with their state-of-the-art 44-foot Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Training Lab, measurement equipment, software, and manufacturing instructor. The class provided a combination of class instruction and a hands-on learning experience for our employees.


Gauge R&R measures the variables in production measurement processes to confirm that the variations in measurement due to equipment and operators are not excessive, and to provide the needed information if corrective action is required.


We are longtime supporters of Goodwin’s mission and value the contributions they have made to the community. They are working hard to support the needs of local manufacturers by developing people with next generation manufacturing skills.



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We Are Hiring!

Horst Engineering is hiring at our operations in East Hartford and South Windsor, Connecticut! The aerospace manufacturing industry is strong with more growth opportunities on the horizon.

Current First Shift Opportunities

Current Second Shift Opportunities

For more information, check out our Careers page.

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