2016 Solar Highlights

2016 was a really good year for our solar PV electric power systems. To be more exact, it was our second best year since installing our first (of two) systems in 2009. This is also a sign that last year, the sun shone brightly. Our primary focus is on consumption, or how much power we use for our manufacturing operations, but we are still proud of our production.

Our Connecticut operations’ 41 Cedar Street plant has a roof mounted 39 kW Solar Electric PV Power System (128 panels). We were early adopters of green and clean energy. That system has produced more than 421,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) or 421 megawatt hours (MWh) over its lifetime. This power has significantly reduced our Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Sulfur Dioxide output; and is a direct offset of more than 490 metric tons of Carbon, or the equivalent of maintaining 105 acres of pine forest.



Solar Panels at Horst Engineering

In 2015, we added a second 37 kW system (149 panels) on the roof of our 36 Cedar Street plant. In 2016, our first full year of production, that system produced 46,636 kWh’s of clean power. This newer system has produced 83,311 kWh over its lifetime.

Our 2016 stats:

41 Cedar Street
47,726 kWh produced
41.5% of the power consumed at that plant site (7,000 sf) was generated by solar

36 Cedar Street
46,636 kWh produced (nine months)
8.3% of the power consumed at that plant site (21,000 sf) was generated by solar

The production of clean energy is one aspect of our sustainable manufacturing practices. Click here to see more on this subject and learn about our support for our communities, the environment, and other conservation minded organizations.

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Recap: 2017 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championships

It’s been two weeks since the 2017 USA Cyclo-Cross National Championships were hosted by the Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program in Hartford. This was a tremendous event for New England.


Members of Team Horst Sports raced throughout the week. We participated in the non-championship races on Tuesday, Masters Championship races on Friday; and Juniors, Industry, and Singlespeed races on Saturday. We hosted a Horst SpikesOpen House on Thursday and sponsored the Mechanics Championship on Friday.


Throughout the week, members of our team volunteered their time while helping with course work and marshaling. Many of the extended Horst Engineering family were spectators at the races. The week full of events culminated with the Elite Championships on Sunday.

Horst Engineering was heavily invested in the success of this event. We were founded in Hartford and our headquarters is on the Connecticut River in East Hartford, a stone’s throw from the Riverside Park venue. We are longtime supporters of hosts: The Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program (CCAP) and Riverfront Recapture.


The Riverside Park venue is no stranger to cyclocross racing. Team Horst Sports promoted the inaugural Connecticut Riverfront Cyclocross in 2003. Arthur Roti, Horst Engineering’s General Manager, and the designer of Horst Spikes™, was the Race Director. Our team hosted the event several times in the mid-2000’s before it was retired during an extremely wet year when the venue flooded.


This was the sister race to the Frank-N-Horst Cross, which we co-promoted with Team Frank in Keene, New Hampshire, from 1998-2004. We also promoted the Fox Hill Cyclocross in Rockville, Connecticut from 2000-2003. In recent years, the Riverfront CX came back to life and has been directed by Ron Manizza. The race is now part of the CT Series of CX.


Our lineup of Horst Spikes™ cyclocross toe spikes were tested and developed on our hometown course. Cross Spikes™ have brought us back into the bicycling industry in a big way. Our roots are in bikes and we were so proud that Hartford hosted such a cool event.

The epic mud, ice, and snow that impacted races from Tuesday through Sunday were perfect conditions for our Cross Spikes. The course has been described as the hardest ever championship race on USA soil. Numerous off-camber sections, steep hills (up and down), twists and turns, plus the weather made for an incredible challenge.


We welcomed visitors to our plant throughout the week and helped more than a hundred new customers get outfitted with Horst Spikes™. Many were from the west coast, including California, New Mexico, and Washington. The challenging conditions and the popularity of our Ice & Snow Spikes, caused us to sell out twice during the week. Our amazing Manufacturing Team rallied, and produced another batch overnight.


There were more than 40 races in a variety of age groups/categories. So many of the top finishers were using Horst Spikes™, that we couldn’t keep track. Many of them were our sponsored riders.

Highlights of our sponsored riders and other notable riders who used our spikes with success include:

  • Katie Compton, 1st Elite Women Championship
  • Stephen Hyde, 1st, Elite Men Championship
  • Ellen Noble, 1st Women U23 Championship
  • Kaitlin Antonneau, 3rd, Elite Women Championship
  • Emma White, 2nd Women U23 Championship
  • Adam Myerson, 1st, Men Masters 45-49 Championship and Men Masters 40-49 Non-Championship
  • Matt Timmerman, 1st Men Masters 40-44 Championship
  • Tove Shere, 1st, Women Masters 65-69 Championship
  • Lizzy Gunsalus, 1st Women Junior 13-14 Championship
  • Crystal Anthony, 6th Elite Women Championship
  • Curtis White, 6th Men U23 Championship
  • Skyler Mackey, 9th Men U23 Championship
  • Eneas Freyre, 2nd, Men Masters 40-49 Non-Championship
  • Cassandra Maximenko, 2nd, Women 23-39 Non-Championship and 19th Elite Women Championship
  • Robert Marion, 2nd, Men 23-39 Non-Championship and 21st Elite Men Championship
  • Greg Gunsalus, 8th Men Junior 17-18 Championship
  • Shadd Smith, 6th,  Men 45-49 Championship
  • Finn Smith, 6th, Junior 11-12 Championship
  • Kate Northcott, 20th, Elite Women Championship
  • Jeremy Powers, 24th, Elite Men Championship

This event brought the USA cyclocross season to a close, however the international season continues with the UCI World Cup, Superprestige series, and next month’s UCI World Championships. This weekend, several of our sponsored riders are competing at the UCI World-Cup in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands.

Next year, the USA Cyclocross National Championships moves to Reno, Nevada. We hope to have this fantastic event back in New England again.

Photo Credits: Alan Grant, Digital Creations
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Horst Spikes Open House & Plant Tour

On Thursday 05 January during race week for the 2017 USA Cyclo-Cross National Championships, we held an open house and plant tour at our Cedar Street factory in East Hartford, Connecticut.


We welcomed friends of Horst Spikes and other members of the cyclocross community who were in town for Cross Nats across the Connecticut River in Hartford.


The epic mud, ice, and snow that impacted races from Tuesday through Sunday were perfect conditions for our Cross Spikes. Our visitors got to see first-hand how we use aerospace manufacturing technology to make our cyclocross toe spikes.


They had a chance to see a variety of processes including CNC turning, CNC milling, part marking, assembly, thread rolling, and centerless grinding. They even got to see us roll thread and part mark a special run of Ice & Snow Spikes. Some riders raced those same spikes the next day!


We were proud to be part of this amazing cyclocross event in our hometown.


Photo Credits: Alan Grant, Digital Creations
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Horst Spikes™ Sales Info: Plant Closed for Weekend

Thank you to EVERY 2017 USA Cyclo-Cross National Championships athlete that picked-up Horst Spikes at our plant this week! We WILL NOT be open on the weekend, and we will not be selling at the venue.  We will be at Riverside Park helping the Team Horst Sports Cub Juniors squad, and cheering on our fellow riders!


If you need some for the future, please check us out online.

Our Masters athletes had a great day today in insane conditions. They proved that our Cross Spikes work like a charm! This week’s conditions were absolutely perfect for testing the value of Horst Spikes. Please send us feedback and photos!


Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @horsteng and like us on Facebook.

Congratulations to one of our favorite sponsored athletes, Adam Myerson on his fantastic victory in the Masters 45-49 race this afternoon! Another one of our supported riders won the Masters 40-44 age group for the second year in a row using Horst Spikes. Congratulations Matt Timmerman!

Much more coverage of Cross Nats will be forthcoming. Stay tuned for our post-Nats newsletter. Click here for our pre-Nats newsletter and the eNews archive.


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Pick-Up Details: Horst Spikes Sales for 2017 USA Cyclo-Cross Nationals

For athletes participating in the 2017 Hartford Cyclocross National Championships, we have had inquiries about Horst Spikes pickup at Riverside Park. We aren’t selling at the park, but Pick-Ups are available at our 36 Cedar St. plant in East Hartford Tuesday-Friday from 8:30 A.M. To 4:00 P.M. Our factory is five minutes from the park. Thank you!

Horst Spikes Info:

Questions can be sent to

Click here for directions to our plant.

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