2020 Summer Intern Program

This year has been “non-traditional” when it comes to internships, but that didn’t stop us from pulling off a fantastic experience for some returning students.

You can only be a young college student for a short time of life. That time can be interesting…but doing an internship in the midst of a pandemic can be really interesting.

As we celebrate Intern Day 2020, we were inspired by our friends from SEPAC in New York. Their senior leader shared these thoughts: “Interns! Why hire Interns? Because we were all 19 years-old once. I’ve seen 6 or 7 of them grow up over (the) years. It was fun having them work in our Elmira and Syracuse plants. All of them great kids with bright futures. That’s the kind of company I want to build, be part of, and wherever you are I hope you do too.”

At HORST Engineering we want to be that kind of company too – the type of company that continues to champion bright students. We’d like to take this opportunity to shout out to our amazing 2020 HORST Interns:

  • Michael McCarthy
  • Cristian Pabon
  • Steven St. Pierre

Scott Livingston, HORST Engineering’s president and CEO shared these thoughts: “Personally, I can recall working at HORST as a teenager and thinking about the future. I didn’t know what I wanted to be or what I was going to do, but my experience opened my eyes to the possibilities. I learned about work ethic and values.”

While some of our interns may return for another stint in the future, some may progress to a different work experience. We hope that their time spent with Team HORST was valuable and that they got “take home value” from the time invested to help make our family business better.

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COVID-19 Update (late May 2020)

This post is to proactively update our customers and suppliers on our actions during the COVID-19 Crisis.

The past 11 weeks have challenged everyone, especially those of us in the aerospace industry. Our Task Force first met on March 16th and we were quick to roll out our plan.

Alignment with Public Health Agencies and Essential Business

HORST Engineering (in Connecticut) and Sterling Machine (in Massachusetts) are an important part of two of the 16 “essential” infrastructure sectors identified by the federal government. Our products and services are vital to the Critical Manufacturing Sector and the Defense Industrial Base Sector.

We have remained open and have been operating successfully during this entire crisis. We have reduced hours and aligned our resources with the current business volume. We have worked with our suppliers, including raw material vendors, to ensure that we get the products and services needed to sustain our production.

We have taken many preventative measures within our facilities, adjusted how we operate, and continued to monitor notices from the Center for Disease Control, public health officials and government agencies.

Protection of Employees and Customers

We have taken many steps to limit exposure to the virus and do our part to reduce the spread of this diseases, including:

• Social distancing
• Visitor limitations/policies
• Travel restrictions
• Extensive cleaning
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Modified work schedules

Assisting Employees

We have implemented continuous communication to our employees about the importance of proper hygiene, providing them with health education and support whenever needed.

Customer/Supplier Impacts

The slowdown in commercial air travel and other impacts from the crisis have reverberated through the aerospace supply chain. We have been in constant contact with our customers and suppliers and have adjusted to the new reality. We had a strong backlog prior to the crisis and have continued to improve our on-time delivery while remaining focused on the exceptional quality that has been our hallmark.

We will continue to make investments and are strengthening our continuous improvement processes while making the most of our advanced manufacturing technology.

Perseverance” is one of our five Core Values and over the last 74+ years, we have faced many obstacles and overcome many roadblocks.

We look forward to working with you during this economic recovery so that we can mutually strengthen our relationships and return to growth again.


Scott Livingston
President and CEO

Ronald Boyne
Vice President of Customer Service & Operations

Michelle Lane
Vice President of Finance & Human Resources

Click here for a pdf version of this memo.

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2020 Women Take Flight at the New England Air Museum

Team HORST was well represented at last weekend’s Women Take Flight event at the New England Air Museum.

The annual event to celebrate women in the aviation and aerospace industry was fantastic. We were joined by so many great companies and organizations. Our team led an activity where several hundreds children (mostly girls) built a little biplane from popsicle sticks. This was a cool idea and proved to be very popular. The museum hosted more than 600 visitors in total!

You couldn’t miss our booth because we were right at the entrance to the military hangar, and in the shadow of the massive Sikorsky CH-54B “Skycrane.”

This was an excellent event. If you are local to the New England area, keep your eyes open for other special events at the New England Air Museum as they have an amazing collection of aircraft and memorabilia. The history of aviation is a storied one, and the Connecticut River Valley is central to that story. The museum does an awesome job of promoting the important history of aviation to our nation and our community.

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2020 Chili Cook-Off

This week was HORST Engineering’s Annual Chili Cook-Off. The tradition has been going for more than a dozen years. We held a contest at our CT Operations on Monday and at our MA Operations on Tuesday.

It is a proud distinction to be featured on the Chili Making Champion Hall of Fame plaques that are proudly displayed at the respective plant sites.

A big thank you to our contestants and our judges.

Prizes went to first and second place and both names go down in history. In CT, Marc D’Occhio (Quality Assurance) took the top spot and Jean Boucher (Purchasing) was runner-up. In MA, Lourdes Rosario (Quality Assurance) won top honors and Bob Redden (Shipping) was runner-up. Honorable mention in MA went to our third place finisher Chris MacDonald (Quality Assurance) proving that Aerospace Inspectors can cook!

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Pratt & Whitney Supplier Sustainability Award

We are proud to announce that we were the recipients of Pratt & Whitney’s 2019 Supplier Sustainability Award. This is one of their highest supplier honors. The award was presented to us at their Global Supplier Conference in November.

Pratt & Whitney presents this award annually to recognize a supplier for their dedication to environmental sustainability. As a global leader in the aviation industry, Pratt & Whitney powers flight through the design, manufacture and service of aircraft and helicopter engines, and auxiliary power units.

2019 Global Supply Chain Supplier Forum

Scott Livingston, President, CEO and the third generation of Livingston’s to lead Horst, challenges his team to mitigate industrial impact through smart technology and lean principles. “Green manufacturing is lean enterprise and is more possible than ever before. Process innovation, employee safety, environmentally friendly materials and decarbonized energy all allow us to make the change needed now for a cleaner tomorrow, while supporting our customer’s needs for the highest quality precision machined parts,” explains Scott.

“At HORST, responsible business is woven into our culture and processes; from self-generating our own solar power to ensuring we support efficient manufacturing process that reduce our footprint, Horst aspires to be a Zero Waste organization,” said HORST Director of Sales, Christina Mouradjian. “Our current focus is the renovation of a new state of the art manufacturing facility in East Hartford that will support industry growth while minimizing our impact on the environment.”

“HORST’s holistic approach made them a standout among the applicants,” said Lisa Szewczul, vice president, Environment, Health & Safety, Pratt & Whitney. “The HORST commitment to sustainability couldn’t be more in sync with our own. Pratt & Whitney’s vision is to be the best aerospace company for the world. And we do that, in part, through supporting our suppliers’ sustainability efforts. HORST demonstrates an aviation manufacturing philosophy that includes sustainability to support business goals while helping reduce the environmental footprint.”

Click here for a full copy of the press release.

Following news of the award, Livingston was a featured panelist at the CBIA Sustainability Conference that was hosted at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, Connecticut. Fellow panelists were from Edgwell Personal Care and Medtronic. We are excited about the possibilities to increase our responsible business practices in 2020 and beyond.

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