Two Horst employees review documents on the manufacturing floor.We are proud of our three-generation legacy of quality and performance.

Our Company


We are a contract manufacturer of precision machined components and assemblies for aerospace and other high technology industries. Our core processes include Swiss screw machining, turning, milling, thread rolling, centerless grinding, cylindrical grinding, honing, and assembly. Our extensive supply chain offers our customers a full service logistics solution for managing their precision product requirements. We also perform value-added thread rolling, roll knurling, centerless grinding, and OD grinding services on customers supplied parts. We are ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 registered and proud of our 73 year, three-generation legacy of quality and performance.

Core Purpose

We help people fly safely and keep our communities strong by making precision parts in the USA.

Core Values

We seek dedicated people who share our core values to fill positions at our various enterprises:

  • Team Horst

    • We work together to achieve our common goals and make individual sacrifices to help the company win. We tell it like it is and don’t let our peers fail.
  • Responsiveness

    • We respond to requests promptly and proactively and genuinely want our customers to succeed.
  • Precision

    • Get it right the first time. Measure twice, cut once. We work to prevent problems before they happen.
  • Skillfulness

    • We use lean enterprise to continuously improve processes. We keep learning.
  • Perseverance

    • Our people develop new ideas and suggestions in the face of obstacles. Overcome roadblocks to achieve the necessary results.

Made in New England

With operations in East Hartford, Connecticut and Lynn, Massachusetts, our companies have a three generation legacy of supporting the manufacturing economy at the local, regional, and national levels. Horst Engineering is a proud supporter of locally made products. For more than 70 years, Horst Engineering has been fortunate to have the opportunity to draw from the most talented pool of skilled laborers in our region. The lifeblood of the New England industrial economy has always been the diversity of its educated, talented, and conscientious professionals. Horst Engineering has continually maintained a solid profile in the community by supporting civic and professional organizations.

Tradition and Innovation

The Livingston Family is proud of their company’s accomplishments. Continuous improvement, technological innovation, and change management have always been part of the family tradition. Horst Engineering’s customers benefit from the family controlled enterprise model. Horst Engineering is an organization that combines its rich history and strong values with modern tools, modern thinking, and modern systems. The vision of the late founder, Harry Livingston, has guided Horst Engineering for more than 70 years. His risk taking leap into business, and the continuing generations’ leadership and ability to improve upon his vision have perpetuated his dream.

The Power of the Team

The Livingston Family supports a wonderful team of associates. The business would never have been able to diversify and grow if people had not been enabled to achieve their objectives and work together for a greater good. What began with the vision of one is now the vision of many. The efficiency of the teamwork model produces better quality and more satisfied customers. Efficient management creates a good environment and supports a team of people who have a passion for what they do.

The Horst Way

lean enterprise n.: the process of analyzing the flow of information and materials in a manufacturing environment and continuously improving the process to achieve enhanced value for enterprise.

Horst Engineering is guided by the Horst Mission and driven by our customers’ needs, desires, and challenges. The “Horst Production System” has always been a work in progress with the motivation of a never-ending quest for production efficiency.